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Why Norman Howell

I believe in careful analysis, collecting input and data, seeking creative solutions to our problems. I will keep the focus on our children while dealing with limited resources.  As a Board Member I will look for efficiency and savings in our current Board policies and practices. 

Coming to Fremont in 1974 , I spent 34 years as a Teaching Scientist at Mission San Jose High School.  Advanced scientific training resulted in high quality instruction in Biology, Chemistry and Bio Tech.  As the faculty adviser to the Academic Challenge Club student teams were consistent winners of the regional competitions and placed consistently in the top five at the National level. 


Since retirement I have been actively involved in son's school and community.

2018 Goden Oak Award by PTA

2017 Community Hero Award by Assemblyman Kansen Chu

2016 Certificate of Recognition by PTA

2014 Honorary Service Award by PTA

My Belief

My name is Norman Howell. I’m a candidate for the Fremont Unified School Board.  I have spent 34 years as an integral part of the Fremont educational system: teaching advanced placement biology, leading academic clubs to multiple national awards, and accepting several leadership positions in the California Teachers Association. I have experience leading complex organizations and serving within the community. I currently volunteer as a school crossing guard at FUSD schools and have served on past and present School Site Councils. My recent honors include the Community Hero Award from Assemblyman Kansen Chu, the 2018 Golden Oak Award and the Honorary Service Award from Gomes’ PTA.

My analytical background, broad perspective, and creative thinking will lead to forward-looking, measurable goals to improve the quality of education in Fremont. It is time to recognize and tackle the persistent problems of teacher shortages, increasing enrollment, and inadequate facilities. 

Teacher Shortages. Considering the cost of living locally, many teachers are choosing to leave the district for jobs in other cities. FUSD cannot afford to lose qualified educators. Increasing compensation is essential for competing with nearby districts and industries for talented teachers. 

School Culture. As school populations become larger they begin to lose their sense of community and students are more likely to become victims of harassment, bullying, or physical harm. We can work to make students safer through anti-bullying campaigns, inclusive communities on campus, and prevention programs. 

Inadequate facilities. Despite the 2014 bond approval for building and updating structures, progress has been slow. As enrollment increases, it will become more important to set goals, communicate needs, and implement plans to build facilities that promote learning. 

I look forward to solving the challenges facing our district and using creative solutions to increase taxpayer value for money spent. I pledge to be an open board member and to make myself available to local groups to gather input. I do not accept money from special interest groups. With your support we can move education forward in Fremont. I ask for one of your two votes for School Board on November 6.

FPPC# 1409034 

High Density Construction

Walnut Avenue

No room in local schools for increased student population.  Difficult to build fast enough to keep up with the demand.  Not enough capitol building money to keep up.


Warm Springs

Chinese Moon Festival

Yummy Moon Cake

Chinese Moon Festival.  Full Moon with my wife and Moon cakes.  Mm mm good

Moon Kiss

Moon kiss with my wonderful wife.  Its like celebrating Valentines again.

Moon kiss with my wonderful wife.  Its like celebrating Valentines day again.

Heart Moon

Heart Moon

Do you know Chinese people celebrate the moon festival with the one they love?  I have the one in my heart with me.

Moon in my hand

Acting Hercules holding the moon

Moon in my wife's hand too.

My Venus holding the moon at Moon Festival

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My Belief

Serving The Community

Norman Howell has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.

United By A Common Goal

Norman Howell knows the value of being connected. That's why he is running for this position. 

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